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Welcome to fpaplanet. Live, Walk, Drive with FPA.

Every Second Counts!

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Why FPA?
One second can be highly expensive when you need help

Instead of calling 191, 192 and 193 to describe your problem as well as your location, FPA mobile app comes to your rescue to kill those two birds with one stone. Just hit F for fireservice, P for police and A for ambulance to get public agencies alerted in a matter of seconds.

Want agencies to know how severe your condition is?

FPA takes away the time delayed in having to explain how severe your situation might be. All you need is to hit H for high severity, M for medium severity and L for low severity. Agencies will then know how urgent you need their help and get to you in time.

How do public agencies get to me?

Using HGT Maps, agencies have an optimal route to your location. Time delays are highly minimized here since your location is displayed on a map.

Get to know more about Henson Geodata Technologies LTD.      HGT

Henson Geodata Technologies is a startup company which utilizes spatially-enabled database environments to help transform society. Our mission is to recreate the foundation of developing economies through well-designed planning. In doing this our key tool is Geographical Information System(GIS). Henson Geodata Technologies currently runs the following departments; Data Collection Department, Data Preparation Department, Software Development Department. We metamorphosize and remain irreplacable by adapting to the current trend of technology. This is achieved through software development, state of the art equipment and exuberant staff.

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P O Box CT 9183, cantoments,

Accra, Ghana

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